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Success Stories

Supported Employment Success Story: 
MB is a consumer referred to UpLIFTD by Louisiana Rehabilitation Services in November 2015. His disability is the result of an auto accident that caused him severe back and neck injuries. In addition, he suffers from Type 1 Diabetes and is insulin dependent. MB gave up his lawn care business after his only means of transportation broke down. When he was referred to UpLIFTD his only source of income was food stamps and he was in desperate need of job placement services.

There were several barriers MB needed to overcome to maintain employment. His lack of transportation was paramount, but he also never graduated high school and only had an eighth-grade education. However, he did have a valid driver’s license and was extremely motivated to work. He expressed great concern about no longer taking money from family members and instead wanted to be fully independent. MB is also a single father raising two young girls. He is very protective of them and wanted a job where he could be close to home in case something happened with his children.

MB was very focused on his job search and relied on the services of UpLIFTD to assist him in building a resume, completing job applications and preparing for interviews. He was cooperative and respectful throughout the assessment and during the job search. He was never late for appointments, in fact, he walked to one interview and rode a child’s bike to another. After applying with BREC MB was offered a position as a Maintenance Tech at the Baton Rouge Zoo in the February 2016. He was ecstatic! The job is full time and offers health benefits, which is exactly what Montrail dreamed of achieving. The zoo is also very close to his home so he can walk to work if needed and be able to check in on his girls if something happened. MB is proud of the work his does and excited to be earning his own money. He is now able to support himself and his children, something he feels would not have been possible without the job services offered by UpLIFTD. He is about to reach his one-year anniversary at his job and is anticipating a promotion.