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GiveBR Day of Giving 2017

Celebrate this #givingtuesday by donating to UpLIFTD for GiveBR!  GiveBR is a 24 hour online giving event being held on November 28th.  Show your support for the community by donating because every dollar given to UpLIFTD is guaranteed to help people with disabilities find the employment they desire!  To donate visit our page at https://www.givebr.org/UpLIFTD

UpLIFTD has been providing services to individuals with disabilities for over 40 years. Donating to our campaign will help provide funding for our various vocational programs. Each vocational program is designed to help people with disabilities overcome employment obstacles and succeed in the workplace. We provide services to individuals with a wide range of disabilities, adopting a person-centered approach to developing their unique goals and plans. 

Show your support by donating and helping us spread the word so we can receive as many donations as possible!

Keep up to date with all information by following us and the GiveBR movement!

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For more information, contact Christine Forquer at (225) 928-1400 or cforquer@upliftd.org

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